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For the First Time in Forever - Idina Menzel & Kristen Bell (Frozen)
Senin, 16 Juni 2014 | 0 Princess
Kristen Bell (Anna): The window is open, so's that doorI didn't know they did that anymoreWho knew we owned eight thousand salad plates?For years I've roamed these empty hallsWhy have a ballroom with no balls?Finally they're opening up the gates

There'll be actual real live peopleIt'll be totally strangeBut wow, am I so ready for this change
'Cause for the first time in foreverThere'll be music, there'll be lightFor the first time in foreverI'll be dancing through the night
Don't know if I'm elated or gassyBut I'm somewhere in that zoneCause for the first time in foreverI won't be alone
I can't wait to meet everyone! (gasp)What if I meet... the one?
Tonight imagine me gown and allFetchingly draped against the wallThe picture of sophisticated graceOoh! I suddenly see him standing thereA beautiful stranger, tall and fairI wanna stuff some chocolate in my face
But then we laugh and talk all evening,Which is totally bizarreNothing like the life I've lead so far
For the first time in foreverThere'll be magic, there'll be funFor the first time in foreverI could be noticed by someone
And I know it is totally crazyTo dream I'd find romanceBut for the first time in foreverAt least I've got a chance

Idina Menzel (Elsa): Don't let them in, don't let them seeBe the good girl you always have to beConceal, don't feel, put on a showMake one wrong move and everyone will know

Idina Menzel (Elsa)But it's only for todayKristen Bell (Anna):  It's only for today

Idina Menzel (Elsa): It's agony to waitKristen Bell (Anna) : It's agony to wait

Idina Menzel (Elsa): Tell the guards to open up... the gateKristen Bell (Anna) : The gate
Kristen Bell (Anna): For the first time in foreverIdina Menzel (Elsa): Don't let them in, don't let them see

Kristen Bell (Anna): I'm getting what I'm dreaming ofIdina Menzel (Elsa): Be the good girl you always have to be

Kristen Bell (Anna): A chance to change my lonely worldIdina Menzel (Elsa): Conceal

Kristen Bell (Anna): A chance to find true loveIdina Menzel (Elsa): Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know

Kristen Bell (Anna): I know it all ends tomorrow,So it has to be today'Cause for the first time in foreverFor the first time in foreverNothing's in my way!

Lyrics credit: here
This is For the First Time in Forever's Video

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